Animal Rescue

Animal Rescue In Sandakan - Public and Volunteers working together

Animal Rescue – How You Can Help

A big part of our job is Animal Rescue of abandoned animals, strays and accident victims. From October 2012 to April 2014, more than 200 dogs and cats have been rescued by SPCA Sandakan. SPCA staff and volunteers risk hands and limbs to provide assistance whenever the public calls to report an animal in trouble.

How You Can Help An Animal In Trouble

If you come across one that is injured, sick or distressed, these are the ways you can help the animal.

1. Call us as soon as possible and provide details such as:

  • the condition of the animal
  • the description of the animal
  • address of the location
  • your name and your contact number
  • wait for us to arrive

2. Move the injured animal to a safe location if possible:

  • move the animal away from traffic
  • provide a shade for the animal or move out of the sun
  • confine the animal or put it in a box

If you are unable to do any of the above, try to stay or keep an eye out for the animal till we arrive to the scene.

3. Bring the animal to SPCA Sandakan:

  • Bring the animal to our shelter or
  • Bring the animal to a veterinarian
Animal rescue with SPCA Sandakan

The Need For Animal Rescue

Many of these problems are caused by lack of empathy and insufficient knowledge on the part of pet owners.

  • Pet runs away and cannot find their way home
  • Pets gave birth to a large litter and they do not have the means or space to contain them
  • Pets grow sick and are left untreated
  • Pets suffers an automobile accident
  • Pets are no longer wanted by the owner for whatever reason

Animal rescue is the first step of the process, we may have to provide medical treatment and rehabilitation for the animal. Ultimately, we seek to provide a home for the rescued animal and call upon people like you to adopt an animal.

Animals need our help and together we can make a difference.

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