History Of SPCA Sandakan

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Our History

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) Sandakan, was officially registered on the 27 July 2012. SPCA Sandakan is the youngest animal welfare organization in Malaysia.

SPCA beginnings started on the April 2012. A group of pet lovers met up for the first time in Brew Cottage Café in Sandakan for the discussion of establishment of the meaningful organization. More than 15 people attended the first meeting in various background with only one vision, to end animal cruelty and abuse by people in Sandakan. As a result of this, and with the enthusiastic support of a handful of animal lovers, SPCA Sandakan was born.

The inaugural General Meeting was held on 4th October 2012. In the meeting it was found that only a few people today who voluntarily engaged in animal protection efforts. It was also found that, many gaps and weaknesses still occur in the SPCA in terms of financial and other material equipment. This means that the SPCA is facing with the problem of material and human resources.

Despite extremely limited resources, SPCA Sandakan hopes that with generous public assistance and support it can continue to prevent animal abuse. Thus, SPCA Sandakan is also believed that many people are unaware of inhumane practices and the suffering that many animals are forced to endure. Adults and children must be educated about problems such as pet overpopulation, factory farming and animal experimentation. It is hoped that education and awareness will help towards the eradication of cruelty and suffering towards animals.

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