SPCA Sandakan Mission

The mission of SPCA Sandakan

The mission and objectives of SPCA Sandakan is to:

1. Promoting Responsible Pet Ownership

Encourage responsible pet ownership by:

  • Promoting and encouraging the neutering of pets,
  • Providing information, assistance and advisory service in the proper care of animals,
  • Educating the public and school children through informative articles, talks and visits,
  • Organizing discussions, dialogues, seminars, exhibitions and relevant activities emphasizing responsibility towards animals,
  • Cooperating with veterinarians in providing guidelines for the proper care of animals.

2. Lobby For Government Legislation

Lobby the government towards more effective legislation and humane enforcement [eg. Animal Act, 1953 (revised 2006)].

3. Prevention of Animal Cruelty

Eliminate animal cruelty by:

  • Discouraging the sale of animals by unlicensed pet breeders and the consumption of cat and dog meat as food,
  • Endeavoring to reduce animal overpopulation.

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