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Sponsorship – How You Can Help

We are looking for Corporate and Individual sponsors to help us with our operations, animal rescues and animal shelters. Animal rescue is one of the core activities of the SPCA Sandakan, as is providing shelter for abandoned pets. Much of these resources come from donations from the public, our members and the SPCA Sandakan committee.

Your generous sponsorship is a gift of life for these abandoned pets.

Show Your Support For SPCA Sandakan

For the compassionate treatment of pets and animals

How Your Organization Can Help By Sponsoring SPCA

1. Become a corporate member of SPCA Sandakan

  • Membership cost is RM1,500 a year.

2. Donate towards our programs

  • Donate towards our public education and awareness program (sponsoring education materials), rescue activities (equipment, medical or food) and towards expanding our animal shelter.

3. Annual Financial Support

  • Yearly financial support of RM12,000 as a long term continuous source for SPCA Sandakan funds.

How Your Organization Can Benefit

1. Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Biennial magazine/leaflet will run for public publishing. This magazine/leaflet will be distributed to the public to enable them increase awareness about the existence of the SPCA and attract participation from many people. The list of donors will be noted in this magazine.

2. Certificate of Appreciation

  • SPCA will issue a Certificate of Appreciation to the donors. The Certificate of Appreciation is signed by SPCA Sandakan Chairman.

3. Associates Membership

  • Associates membership will be awarded to those contribute in SPCA activities as well as the sponsor/donor.

The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be measured by the way its animals are treated. - Mahatma Gandhi

You Can Help SPCA Sandakan

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