Animal Welfare and Reporting Animal Cruelty

Inspectorate – How You Can Help

SPCA Sandakan responds to reports from the public of neglected or injured animals in Sandakan, Malaysia. Animal abuse is an offense under the law of Sabah, Malaysia – Cruelty to Animals (Prevention) Ordinance, Sabah Cap. 31 1968 and The Dogs Ordinance (Sabah), 1960.

Think Twice Before Abandoning A Pet – It Is Illegal To Do So

In cases of mistreated or neglected pets, SPCA investigates the complaint, and will advice the owner on how to improve the living conditions for the pet. The officers will follow up on the case in the following weeks, and failure to improve the standard of living for the animal will result in the case being forwarded to the Department of Veterinary Services (DVS) for their attention and action.

In severe or emergency situations, the DVS is notified immediately and a joint-rescue is initiated.

What Is Animal Cruelty?

To some people, animals are just pets and can be discarded when the novelty of owning a pet has worn off. Other times, the owners do not know how to care for or address animal needs, training and health.

Animal cruelty includes:

  • abandonment
  • physical harm
  • lack of medical attention
  • lack of food and water
  • lack of grooming
  • inadequate shelter
  • extended periods of confinement

Animals deserve our respect and should treated in a humane manner.  There are many rewards that come with caring for a pet – the companionship, devotion and affection the animal gives you in return.

Inspectorate : Report Animal Abuse

If you witness an act of deliberate cruelty (resulting in injury or death) or abandonment of an animal, you can help the animal:

1. Call The Police

Call the police immediately and make a police report. It also helps to inform us of the details of the case.

2. Provide Evidence

Take photographs or video recording of the suspect if it is safe to do so. Note any distinguishing features of the person and clothing/accessories worn or vehicle numbers. Note the time and place of the incident.

3. If The Animal Dies

If the animal is dead, do not move the body. Note the exact location (street name/house number/vehicle number etc.). Take a picture of the animal and the surrounding area. Forward all images/videos by email to

If you witness other types of cruelty and would like us to investigate, please complete the cruelty complaint form here.

If any animal appears to be in urgent need of attention, please call our hotline immediately – 016 831 9886.


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