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Preventing Animal Cruelty


Our Mission is Compassionate Care Of Animals and Animal Welfare Education

Friends For Life

In return for a little care, animals give you their complete devotion


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You can contribute to building an Animal Shelter

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As we prepare ourselves for this Lunar New Year, spare some thought for our sheltered animals, it is up to you to make a difference by taking action today

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A Family who understand Animal Needs is a family filled with Love – Make a Donation today

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Every pet needs their special brand of tender loving care and companionship

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We save more lives when our Foster Care volunteers help us care for young animals.

To Report An Animal Emergency - Call Our Hotline: 010 227 8911

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Our Events

World Animals Day

Join us this 3rd October 2016 to celebrate World Animals Day at SPCA Sandakan Shelter. Event Activities: – Shelter Animal Shower 10am-2pm: Participants are strongly encouraged to wear hat, t-shirt, sandals, shorts or knee-length pants Bring your own drinking...

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Valentine Puppy? Think Again!

Valentine Puppy? Think Again!

Valentine’s Day is approaching fast, before you get tempted to rush to get your loved one that cute little puppy or kitten at that pet shop nearby, take some time to hear us out here! According to ASPCA, approximately 7.6 million companion animals enter animal...
Follow Up On Abused Mama Dog – Coco

Follow Up On Abused Mama Dog – Coco

Back in February this year a female dog was found a victim of horrific abuse. She, named Coco, was believed to be still in nursing stage when found nearby the pasar (wet market) in Taman Mawar with her leg cruelly cut off which is highly probable a result of human...

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