A Look At July 2014 – SPCA Sandakan In The Spotlight

3rd Committee Meeting For SPCA Sandakan
SPCA Sandakan held our 3rd Committee Meeting on 15th July 2014 to discuss ongoing projects and our animal shelter. Being an all volunteer organization, we meet at the most convenient time and venue for committee members. It is about getting things done and being at the ground level.

We are in the midst of raising funds to expand our animal shelter to include a new quarantine area, shelter no 3 and to raise 1 year’s maintenance fee for the shelter.

R.I.P. Didi – We Tried Our Best


Rest in peace, Didi – this brave fellow passed away in our shelter

Didi was a dog that we rescued in July 2014. Abandoned, weakened from lack of food, Didi showed great courage and a will to live. Unfortunately, he passed away a few days after we got him into our shelter. Upon close examination, there were 9 wounds on his neck which must have been very painful for him.

For 2 days, he tried to stand on his own and eat the food given to him. But his injuries were too great for this brave dog to recover from. Rest in peace, Didi.

Our Thanks To Our Sponsor Mr Tsen

Animal cases like Didi is what inspires our friends to sponsor the equipment our animal shelter needs. It is always in trying situations and hopeless conditions that the human spirit raises above the mundane. In times of need, people come together and generously give their all to help save the animals in need.

Our gratitude goes to Mr Tsen of Sandakan who generously agreed to donate the cat cages we need in our temporary quarantine area.

SPCA SDK Chairman Ku and Sponsor Tsen

SPCA Sandakan Committee Chairman, Mr Ku with our kind sponsor, Mr Tsen

To all our friends and supports, please support our up-coming My Pet My Buddy 2014 Contest. Details will be posted on our website and our Facebook page.