You Can Support Your Local SPCA

Animal welfare organizations like SPCA Sandakan needs your support to carry on our mission to free animals from suffering, abuse and exploitation. We continue to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves. We call upon all animal lovers to join us and contribute to a caring society.

Despite limited funding and resources, SPCA Sandakan continues on with our mission with the generous support from its members and general public. It is important to continue to educate pet owners and to promote our work in events throughout Sandakan. You can help with your donations and you can volunteer to join us in our events.

Our Key Areas Of Work

Among our main areas of concern include 5 key of areas work:

  • Neutering – promote the most effective way to control the over-population of pets
  • Educating the public – pet ownership is a responsible that has its rewards
  • Rescue and Re-homing – continue to rescue animals in danger and to provide shelter for animals
  • Inspectorate – continues to take action against reported animal abuse
  • Lobbying of authorities – animal abuse is an offense and the authorities need to treat it as such

Call your local SPCA and find out how you can help.